College and Career

Here are some of the ways we help our students with college and career readiness:

Standardized Testing

  • Study schedules

  • Teaching test-taking strategies

  • Practice testing sessions

  • Applying for accommodations

  • We are an ACT, PSAT, and AP special testing center

College Preparation

  • Weekly meetings with seniors to work on college and scholarship applications.

  • Support with college essays.

  • Reminders to submit FAFSA and other documentations by the deadlines.

  • Coordination with colleges for eligible students to receive accommodations

Undergraduate Opportunities

  • Dual Credit Enrollment

  • Support with Dual Credit Scholarships

  • Help applying to special programs such as Governor's Scholar Program, Governor's School for the Arts, and Governor's School for Entrepreneurs.

Career Readiness

  • Help acquiring internships

  • Help with resumes

  • Help with Career Pathway Courses

  • Aviation Program

  • Art Portfolio sessions for art careers

  • Help applying to UK Young Researcher Program