Sphinx Academy works to provide unique opportunities that allow our students to stand out for selective programs, scholarships, and careers


Mentors meet with students once a week. They work on an individualized plan through which content delivery, pace, load, and schedule are decided. Decisions are flexible based on success and changing student needs. 


Sphinx Academy staff establish connections with community members and organizations to provide real-world experiences, practical life skills, and creative outlets.

At Sphinx Academy, students are offered courses with combined features of online and onsite classes. In addition to regular class meetings, our courses allow students to work independently or with individual support for uninterrupted blocks of time. Mastery is assessed through projects, discussions, quizzes, and unit assessments to ensure a deeper understanding of the content. 

Sphinx Academy mentors act as advisors, facilitators, and mediators. They support the students in their day-to-day emotional, social, and academic needs, and they facilitate and organize field trips, internships, community service projects, extracurricular clubs, career exploration, and many more activities. They also encourage their students to pursue independent studies exploring their interest areas.