Stats and Testimonials


GPA averages for the 2022/23 school year:

100% had a GPA above 2.5

91% had a GPA above a 3.0

52% had a GPA above 3.5

Dual Credits for the 2022/23 school year:

22 different dual credit courses

18 students in 56 dual credit courses with 46 A's, 4 B's, 2 C's, and 4 W's

Career and Technical Courses (Welding, Carpentry, and Computer Technology)

13 students in 18 of these courses earning 18 A's. 

Universities and Colleges our students attended include but are not limited to:

Oberlin, Berkley, North Eastern, Vanderbilt, University of Kentucky (including honors program and a Singletary scholarship recipient), Hull University in England, Centre College, Transylvania, EKU, WKU, Susquehanna, among others. 

100% of our students receive merit scholarships. 


"My son had clear focused interests and work style preferences that Sphinx accommodated better than a traditional program. He was able to develop those and broaden his interests in an environment where he felt very comfortable taking risks."

"Sphinx Academy came at a time when I desperately needed out of my first high school. Both my parents and I were impressed by Sphinx Academy and I was thrilled to have found a small school. The flexible teaching style, hands-on approach to learning—both academic and social—and the breadth of opportunity even at its small size made me comfortable and confident in myself and my academic success. With COVID, things moved online and a lot of my academics have remained online. Having had flexible learning through Sphinx, I honestly was able to take it in stride and did well with online learning. Even today I prefer online learning sometimes because it gives me the same kind of flexibility as I had at Sphinx. I really loved it there. I developed interests in philosophy that I was able to further grow through dual credit classes, a philosophy internship, and getting to teach two classes to other students about philosophical topics. I made great friends who made everyday fun and I really am so glad I was a student."