Is this a good fit?

Wondering if Sphinx Academy is right for your child? 

We are looking for students who want more from their educational environment. A small educational community goes a long way to decrease many of the stressors and limitations of a large traditional school. However, that is not all we are. 

Twice-exceptional and gifted students makeup a large percentage of the student population because they tend to benefit from our environment the most. Twice-exceptional students who are gifted and also have a special need  often find themselves stuck between the worlds of gifted and talented programs (highly competitive, fast pace, heavy load, high stress programs) and special education programs (low load, slow pace, focused on weakness or disability, seen as the option for low ability students). Twice Exceptional students need to be challenged but also supported. Examples include high IQ students who also have dyslexia, ADD/ADHD, or autism as well as those who struggle with anxiety or depression. It is difficult to find a program that serves that population in Kentucky and that is why students commute long distances to our location from surrounding cities.

Additionally, students whose long term goals include entering selective programs or competitive career paths would also benefit from our individualized environment since selective programs and careers look for students whose resumes stand out with such things as being a Supreme Court Justice at the Kentucky Youth Assembly, Kentucky Governor Service Award recipient, UK Young Researcher Program participant, National Honor Society member, Governor's Scholar Program participant, Governor's School of the Arts participant, etc. In addition to these and many other examples of Sphinx Academy student achievements, Sphinx Academy has an excellent record for GPA average and ACT and AP scores plus all our students grades 9-12 have the opportunity to take dual credit courses and most of them take that opportunity and end up with A's and B's and college credit. 

Finally, our students have saved thousands of dollars in tuition from college credits, KEES money, and merit scholarships they may not have gotten if they had gone to a traditionally structured school. If you think your child is not reaching their potential in a traditional setting, consider Sphinx Academy.