School Life

Academic Model at Sphinx Academy

Sphinx Academy is designed as a student-centered micro-school. Students have individualized plans with flexible schedules based on their needs and interests to ensure they are challenged but not overwhelmed. We work toward this vision by dedicating time with a learning coach who works with students individually to develop the habits of success, collect tools, and create smart goals that would help them work and grow toward their goals.

Sphinx Academy has three main components:


Students meet 1:1 with a dedicated learning coach who takes the time to know them deeply and support them in setting and achieving their short- and long-term goals

Experiential Learning:

Students apply their acquired knowledge to projects and through the process build skills and habits that prepare them for life after school. They also have opportunities such as field trips, guest speakers, working with professionals to broaden their perspectives.


Students are guided through a learning cycle that develops self-direction by teaching them how to set goals, make plans, Learn, demonstrate what they've learned and reflect on the process to improve it.

Using these components, we strive to reach every student and ensure they leave high school with what they need to succeed.

History Project

Physics Project

Math Project

1:1 Instruction

Electives and Extracurriculars at Sphinx Academy

Electives and Extracurriculars at Sphinx Academy are planned based on student requests, interests, and needs so our offerings change from one year to the next.

Students are encouraged to start clubs and organize community service projects.

Examples of past offerings include photography, philosophy, psychology, creative writing, drama, film, ukulele, and several art courses.

Students with unique interests are encouraged to work with their learning coach to create an independent course of study for credit focused on their interest area.


Newton's Attic


Culture Exploration

Dungeons and Dragons

STEM Activities

Encaustic Art


International Travel

We offer an opportunity for International Travel every other year. We work with students to help them choose a project that includes work before, during, and after the trip. After the trip, they prepare a final presentation or product for which they would receive high school credit worth a semester (0.5 credit) for their high school transcripts.

2014 Best of England

2015 Austria, Germany, and Switzerland

2016 The Galapagos Islands

2017 Venice, Florence, and Rome

2018 Best of Ireland

To enroll in the 2020 trip to Japan, please click on this link:

2020 Japan (Tokyo, Kyoto & Osaka)

Undergraduate Opportunities

University of Kentucky

Our students have the opportunity to participate in the Kentucky Young Researcher Program with the University of Kentucky. They also have access to independent study courses through the University of Kentucky’s Experiential Education. This means university-wide access to professors for research projects and independent study courses with possible college credit.

Eastern Kentucky University

Our juniors and seniors have the option to take dual credit courses on EKU’s campus and/or online. EKU offers eligible students up to two dual credit courses free of charge based on their GPA and ACT scores.

Bluegrass Community Technical College

Our juniors and seniors have the option to take dual credit courses on BCTC campus and/or online.