COVID-19 Info

Fall Semester of 2020

The COVID-19 virus has created new and unexpected challenges for everyone in the community. The health and safety of our families are our top priorities.

Virtual Classes with Optional Stand-Alone Activities Onsite

  • This will most likely be the strategy of choice for the fall under current circumstances.

  • The school would assign students to groups that would attend school one day a week every other week. A group would come to school on Wednesday. The other group would come to school on the following Wednesday and so on.

  • Fewer students would be in the building for greater social distancing and for furniture to be removed to allow for necessary space and reduce unnecessary surfaces and shared items.

  • Sanitation stations (hand sanitizer, gloves, tissues) will be available in every room used by students.

  • Furniture will be arranged so that students are 6 feet apart while seated and markers will be placed on the floor to help with traffic directions in the different rooms.

  • Dividers will be placed on tables.

  • No-touch thermometers will be used to log staff and student temperatures in the mornings as they arrive.

  • Students, staff, and visitors will be asked to wear a mask at all times with few exceptions such as lunch time.

  • When students are not physically in school, they will be expected to attend virtual meetings whether for class, Self-Directed Learning time or 1:1 with teachers and/or learning coaches.

Opt-in element - parents may choose to keep their child at home during Wednesday activities since they will not be required.

Remote Learning from Home

  • While students are at home.

  • Students would meet with their learning coaches virtually at least once a week.

  • Students would attend class and Self Directed Learning virtual meetings and teachers would take attendance during those times.

  • Students would keep an individualized schedule that they work on with their learning coach to maintain consistency in meeting expectations and deadlines.

  • The school would endeavor to make relevant materials and resources available to students in individual packets or through online subscriptions so they can work on hands-on projects at home.

  • Weekly progress reports will be sent to parents at the end of every week.

Dual Credit Courses

Currently onsite dual credit courses through BCTC are scheduled to take place in a hybrid form with students going to class once a week and meeting virtually once a week. We plan to make every effort to support students with transportation and any other support they may need to succeed in these classes. We are currently communicating with BCTC to figure out if there are different options if students decide they would rather switch to fully online.