Employment & Volunteer Opportunties

Learning Coach/Teacher – Position Available for Fall of 2019

We are currently seeking a learning coach/teacher to facilitate a range of self-directed science courses.

Examples of skills that would improve the chances of employment at Sphinx Academy in order of priority:

  • Background in education related to the content needed the most, currently biology and chemistry.
  • Background and experience with twice exceptional and gifted students.
  • A second language.
  • Makerspace skills.
  • Computer programming skills.

Our staff has multiple roles. In addition to teaching and facilitating academic courses, as learning coaches, they must be flexible and open-minded. They help each student as an individual with unique needs. They guide the students with organization and study skills and to recognize when modifications and/or accommodations are necessary. They are part of the plan for implementing these changes. They communicate with other staff members, step outside the planned lessons when necessary, and use other tools to help students who need a different approach. They keep track of their assigned students’ progress in every way and communicate with parents on a regular basis.

Since this is a blended learning environment, learning coaches/teachers must be comfortable with technology.

We are a growing school with a unique and innovative educational model and are looking for candidates who are dedicated not only to education but to changing educational paradigms and helping our students create a long-term path and a personal vision for themselves. They also have to be willing to change and improve their methods through reflection and active research.

If you are interested in being part of the Sphinx Academy Community, please email or mail your contact information, resume, 3 reference letters, and other relevant documents to:

Sphinx Academy

ATTN: Marialyce Gradek, Business Manager

1591 Winchester Rd., Suite #101 Lexington, KY 40505

Email: admin@sphinxacademy.org


Our interns receive on-site training and experience in a blended learning micro-school environment. We believe this is a one of a kind opportunity since blended learning schools are appearing everywhere, and in some states, schools are required to provide at least a portion of their classes online. Colleges are headed in the same direction. Gifted and talented education is also on the rise, and Sphinx Academy is geared toward gifted and talented students. Experience in this type of environment is a tremendous asset for new graduates and undergraduates.

Volunteer Opportunities

Sphinx Academy is a 501C(3) organization that benefits greatly from community involvement. Any hours spent helping at Sphinx Academy would count as community service.

All volunteers are required to submit a KY background check before spending time with the students.