Employment & Volunteer Opportunties


We currently have an open full time position for a humanities teacher/mentor.

The ideal candidate will be dedicated to fostering a positive and collaborative school community with a commitment to individualized education.

Responsibilities as a mentor:

  • Meeting with their mentees individually at least once a week for 10-15 minutes or more based on student needs.

  • Checking on their students’ progress through the course platform.

  • Sending progress reports to parents or guardians weekly.

  • Helping students with schedules, time management, load management, and career readiness.

  • Mediating conflict and guiding students through dealing with frustration.

  • Correcting a student who is breaking the ground rules in a one-to-one relationship.

Responsibilities as teacher:

  • Helping to ensure a master schedule that would allow all students to have choices and enough time for uninterrupted work periods. Whole group meetings should focus on hands-on activities and discussions setting aside things such as videos and readings for independent work.

  • Involving students at all instructional levels in each lesson and encouraging and receiving inquiries, ideas, and opinions that relate to those lessons from the students involved.

  • Presenting lessons in such a way as to encourage students to employ higher order critical thinking skills

  • Demonstrating knowledge of subject matter and transmitting that knowledge in an interesting manner using a variety of techniques and/or materials to accomplish the objectives of instruction.

  • Providing prompt and appropriate feedback on work completed by students.

  • Demonstrating an understanding of the needs, concerns, abilities and interests of each student.

Our teaching/mentor staff often share hobbies and skills with students in the form of electives, workshops, or clubs.

All interviewed candidates must pass a thorough background check.

Professional references will be requested as needed.

Sphinx Academy

ATTN: Wafaa Elghoroury

1591 Winchester Rd., Suite #101 Lexington, KY 40505

Email: wafaa@sphinxacademy.org

Part-time and Private Contract

We have a variety of needs for part-time and private contract instructors.

Our model encourages our students to try out difference things. We welcome all kinds of workshops and exposure to new skills. Please contact us if you are interested in teaching part time or offering one or more workshops in a skill you would like to share with our students.


Our interns receive on-site training and experience in a student-centered, self-directed micro-school environment. We believe this is a one of a kind opportunity. Experience in this type of environment is a tremendous asset for new graduates and undergraduates.

Volunteer Opportunities

Sphinx Academy is a 501C(3) organization that benefits greatly from community involvement. Any hours spent helping at Sphinx Academy would count as community service.

All volunteers are required to submit a KY background check before spending time with the students.